Baby Hiccups in the womb, Normal or Dangerous Sign

Mother who is pregnant, have you ever felt a small jolt in the stomach? This jolt feels smoother than a fist or kick, but is felt many times with a certain pause. The possibility of jerks is a sign that your child is hiccuping you know. Right, Mother, babies in the womb can also experience hiccups. Actually the baby has hiccups starting at 9 weeks gestation, along with starting to suck and swallow. But, Mother is usually just beginning to feel the hiccups in the womb around the age of 6 months of pregnancy. A Sign of a Healthy Baby Hiccups can be recognized when Mother feels rhythmic movements from one part of the stomach. Many pregnant women do not feel their babies hiccup, while other pregnant women feel hiccups several times a day. The cause of hiccups in infants in the womb is not known with certainty, but it is thought this is one of the processes of lung maturation. To be sure, hiccups are generally a sign that the baby's development in the womb is good, really, Bun. T
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